Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reading to Trenton

I learned to read by watching over my older brother Glenn's shoulder as he read his first grade homework to my mom. I have always loved to read and passed my love of reading along to Jenny and Bradley. And now Trenton is being read to right from the time he was born. I think I have bought him more books than I have bought clothes for him...LOL! I got these photos of Bradley and Courtney reading to Trenton when he was here in March.

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Scrappy Mama said...

What a cutie! We started reading to our son when he was newborn too! To this day he LOVES to read. He's 2 and he loves to pick up books throughout the day. I also talked to him since he was born. Even in public. People must of thought it was weird seeing a lady push a cart through Walmart talking to a newborn. But, they say that good for the developing language synapsis in the brain!