Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Layouts

I have so much yard work, painting, and quilting to do that I really don't have a lot of time right now to do much scrapping. But when I saw the new releases at Sweet Shoppe Designs this morning, I found several "must have" items. And A Mother's Love Quick Page Album was at the top of the list. It's so easy to do a layout with quick pages, I had two pages done before I even ate breakfast!

The album was created by Carrie Lee with Melissa Bennett's A Mother's Love Page Kit.
I used photos from Mother's Day when we were visiting Jenny, Jarrod, and Trenton in Virginia.

I used Pea Heather font on this one. And sorry about the flowers guys, but what do you expect from an album called A Mother's Love?? Haha!

I used Pea Carrie font on this one and the Happy Mother's Day word art is a freebie from Tina Chambers.

Letters in Trenton's Nursery

And here are the letters in their place on the wall in Trenton's nursery.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Letters for Trenton's Nursery

I just finished painting these letters for my grandson's nursery. They kind of match the bedding in his nursery (if you overlook my wobbly lines)...haha!

Dad's Birthday Gift

I did this layout at as hybrid project for my dad for his birthday. He is the middle boy in the photo and the other two boys are his brothers.

I blended 3 backgrounds from:
Irene Alexeeva - Cloud #9
Irene Alexeeva - Heart Bits
Irene Alexeeva - Reverie

Remaining Credits:
Swirl - Irene Alexeeva - Reverie
"Treasured" Alpha - Jenny Binder - English Garden
Family Tag - Irene Alexeeva - Orangina
Bow - Irene Alexeeva - Baby Doll
"Family" font - 2Peas Evergreen
"Heirlooms" - made by me with Beautiful ES font and a Super Blade Pro effect
"Sweet" Alpha - Tina Chambers - Copper Penny Alpha
"Family" Alpha - Ronna Penner - Memories of Yesterday Lite
Staples - Irene Alexeeva - Arabian Fairytale
"Memories" Tag - Irene Alexeeva - Antique Patio
Heart - Irene Alexeeva - Reverie
"Memories" Font - Echelon

Font for remaining text - Andalus

I printed the layout, sprayed it with a few coats of clear acrylic sealer and then Mod Podged it onto an 8x10 artist's canvas. Then I covered the sides of the canvas with a canvas-like fabric that matched the layout.

Here's a photo of the finished project:

And this is a side view so you can see how I finished the edges:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MCAS 2 Easter Party Layout

For the past 4 weeks, I have been participating in a "Slow" scrap at Scrap Orchard and Gottapixel. Each week we were given instructions on what we were allowed to add to our layouts. Once we uploaded our layout to the challenge gallery each week, we were not allowed to move any of our photos or elements in the subsequent weeks. That part was a bit scary for me because I am always moving and tweaking things as I work on a layout.

In week 1, we were to start our layout with 3 papers and 3 photos. This is how I started my layout. I used papers from Irene Alexeeva's Junk Treasures Page Kit:

In week 2, we had to add 2 fasteners (buttons, staples, brads); 3 ribbons (ric rac, ribbon wraps, straight or folded or curled ribbons); 1 set of stitches.

I added staples and rick rack from Irene Alexeeva's Fly High Page Kit and stitches from the Junk Treasures kit.

In week 3, our instructions were to:

* Add AT LEAST 4 Decorative elements to the layout- These can include doodles, flourishes, flowers, animals, splats/spills, unique elements ect.... Whatever embellishments fit within the layout you are working on- YOU CAN NOT however add more ribbons, stiches or fastners to count toward element count for this week. (since those were prior instructions)

*Add 1 element for writing - Such as a label, tag or journaling block/mat

I added a journaling label from Irene Alexeeva's Pink Mood Page Kit. Everything else that I added came from the Junk Treasure kit.

And in the final week, we were instructed to add a title using 2 separate Alpha's and at least 4 lines of journaling.

I made my title with alphas I made from papers from the Junk Treasures kit. I used the font AL Hurried Note for "MCAS 2" and I used 2 Peas Scrumptious for "Easter Party."

I used the font Pea Karen's Print for the journaling and the date.

And here is my final layout:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reading to Trenton

I learned to read by watching over my older brother Glenn's shoulder as he read his first grade homework to my mom. I have always loved to read and passed my love of reading along to Jenny and Bradley. And now Trenton is being read to right from the time he was born. I think I have bought him more books than I have bought clothes for him...LOL! I got these photos of Bradley and Courtney reading to Trenton when he was here in March.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Freebie - Timeless Teal Page Kit

When I posted the layout of Trenton yesterday, I noticed that I had posted 3 days in a row. Wow! That's a record for me...LOL! So I decided to make it 4 days in a row by giving away a freebie kit.

Hope you enjoy it! But don't expect me to make it 5 days in row...that's a record that is going to have to wait for another time :-)

You can download my Timeless Teal Page Kit here