Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dad's Birthday Gift

I did this layout at as hybrid project for my dad for his birthday. He is the middle boy in the photo and the other two boys are his brothers.

I blended 3 backgrounds from:
Irene Alexeeva - Cloud #9
Irene Alexeeva - Heart Bits
Irene Alexeeva - Reverie

Remaining Credits:
Swirl - Irene Alexeeva - Reverie
"Treasured" Alpha - Jenny Binder - English Garden
Family Tag - Irene Alexeeva - Orangina
Bow - Irene Alexeeva - Baby Doll
"Family" font - 2Peas Evergreen
"Heirlooms" - made by me with Beautiful ES font and a Super Blade Pro effect
"Sweet" Alpha - Tina Chambers - Copper Penny Alpha
"Family" Alpha - Ronna Penner - Memories of Yesterday Lite
Staples - Irene Alexeeva - Arabian Fairytale
"Memories" Tag - Irene Alexeeva - Antique Patio
Heart - Irene Alexeeva - Reverie
"Memories" Font - Echelon

Font for remaining text - Andalus

I printed the layout, sprayed it with a few coats of clear acrylic sealer and then Mod Podged it onto an 8x10 artist's canvas. Then I covered the sides of the canvas with a canvas-like fabric that matched the layout.

Here's a photo of the finished project:

And this is a side view so you can see how I finished the edges:

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Andie said...

very cool idea!